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Cryo2Ice is a campaign that increased the ground track intersection of the CryoSat-2 and ICESat-2 satellites over short time intervals. The orbit change of CryoSat-2 is an enabling step for applications that require co-incident data, such as measuring snow depth and capturing the temporal variation.

Using our high performance spatio-temporal query platform, the Cryo2Ice Coincident Data Explorer enables users to visualise the spatial intersections for a given time window and download the ESA and NASA data products.

In the next few months, further datasets such as CryoVex will be added. Please email us at info@earthwave.co.uk with any suggestions for new features and datasets you would like to see included.

For more information on the Cryo2Ice Coincident Data Explorer, please refer to our User Guide.

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Alford, J., Ewart, M., Bizon, J., Easthope, R., Gourmelen, N. Parrinello, T., Bouffard, J., Michael, C., Meloni, M. 2021. #CRYO2ICE Coincident Data Explorer, Version 1, http://cryo2ice.org. European Space Agency. 10/7/2021